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Lacroix Insurance Solutions specializes in Auto Aftermarket Commercial Insurance. Providing insurance for Service & Repair, Oil Change and Lube Shops, Collision Repair, Tire, Towing, Automotive Parts Recycling, Material Handling Equipment Dealers, and Independent Auto Dealers.

We understand your Auto Aftermarket businesses, how it operates, the unique risks you face, and how to help you mitigate those risks by offering the many coverages below.

Coverages Available

  • Building - Replacing your building could be a significant cost. Protecting your bulding with a guarantee replacement cost coverage for your building as well as provide coverage for demolition, debris removial and increased cost of construction could be a huge benefit during catastophic event.
  • Business Interruption/Extra Expense - This is very important coverage where we can help you to evaluate your exposures and purchase the right coverage for your operation.
  • Contents/Stock/Equipment - Coverage can be provided for your inventory/stock, racking, employee tools, whole goods, extended theft, lifts, alignment equipment, torqueing tools, signs, fences, light posts, parts stock, including new & used parts inventoried both inside and outside, computer equipment, outdoor racking, forklifts, scales, loaders and crushers (Auto Parts Recycling). Plus, other equipment common to material handling and equipment dealers.
  • Equipment Breakdown - This coverage will cover you from a loss caused by damage to equipment resulting from accidental mechanical breakdown of machinery, computers, phone systems and other equipment housed in your buildings and used in your operation, including HVAC and pressure vessels.
  • Fleet/Service Vehicles/Customer Loaners - Coverage can be provided for commercial autos, drive other auto, hired and non-owned, delivery vehicles, business and service vehicles, customer shuttle units, customer loaners, and used cars with Dtags including the sale of used cars. Coverage can also be provided for tow trucks, rollbacks, loss of use, and rental reimbursement. Plus the basic auto coverage part can include fellow employee and cargo pollution.
  • Cargo - Coverage for your items that you may tow or carry that are not motor vehicles.
  • Garage Liability - Provides coverage arising out of garage operations. These occurances can be from slip and fall accidents on your premises or liability claim as a result of products you sell or operations you perform, including "wheels offs" and "oil-outs." Liability coverage can also be provided for customer complaint defense, designed statue defense, labor related defense and errors and omissions in the administration of your employee benefit plans.
  • Products and Completed Operations - Provides coverage for allegations of damages resulting from products you sell or work you perform.
  • Discrimination/EPLI - Coverage helps protect your business from alleged acts of discrimination, sexual harrassment and wrongful termination; allegations from employees, customers and other busineses . This includes coverage for violations of city, state and federal statues involving protected classes.
  • Garagekeepers/Customer Autos - Provides coverage for damage alleged to occur to a customer vehicle while in your care, custody or control, on hook or while at temporary storage locations and which can include loss of use, mechanics errors and omissions, extended theft, and (if requested) customer personal property. Coverage can also be provided for physical damage to your inventory of used cars held for resale.
  • Mechanics Errors & Omissions - Provides coverage for damages to the products you install, or work your perform before and after releasing the vehicle to the customer.
  • Pollution Liability Policy - Pollution liability policy can help protect your business from pollution loss exposures created by some of the most common materials used by automotive businesses. As an automotive business owner, employee or operator, you might have an accident during the storage, transportation or disposal of hazardous waste that affects the air, ground or water, where it could be considered pollution.